Saturday, June 2, 2012

Andrew Smith Saturdays! Discussion: In The Path of Falling Objects: Part One #readAlong

Welcome to Andrew Smith Saturdays! Today we'll be discussing the first part of IN THE PATH OF FALLING OBJECTS. Feel free to jump in with any questions or other topics you might want to discuss from this section of the book.

In the Path of Falling Objects:
Part One: Pages 2-62 Discussion

1. In the beginning it seems as though Jonah and Simon have a pretty strong relationship. Do you think it began to suffer after the two met Mitch and Lilly or do you think they could have had some issues beforehand?

2. Simon and Jonah have been left in the most dire situation, yet somehow they've made a plan to seek out something... rather than be taken away by the Department of Family Services. How would you feel if you were in this situation? Would you be able to go on the journey that they have begun?

3. Okay, I know we're all thinking it.. What is up with Mitch and Lilly? Does Mitch and his creeptastic personality freak you out or fascinate you? And what about Lilly? She seems so nonchalant about everything.

4. What do you think of Matthew's letters and how they are woven into the story? Do you think there is some significance for this?


Okay. Let's talk! 
If there is something else you want to bring up and discuss, please do so. I would love to hear what you think.
We will discuss Part Two next Saturday. 
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June: In the Path of Falling Objects (Hosted by Lady Reader’s Bookstuff)
  • 6/2: Part One: Pages 2-62
  • 6/9: Part Two: Pages 63-129
  • 6/16: Part Three: Pages 130-195
  • 6/23: Part Four: Pages 196-267
  • 6/30: Part Five: Pages 268-323
July: Stick (Hosted by Roof Beam Reader)
  • 7/7: First (Part 1): Pages 2-59
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August: Ghost Medicine (Hosted by Not Now...I’m Reading)
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September: The Marbury Lens (Hosted by Smash Attack Reads)
  • 9/8: Part One: The Amethyst Hour, Chapters 1-17
  • 9/15: Part Two: The Strange Boys, Chapters 18-30
  • 9/22: Part Three: Blackpool, Chapters 21-42
  • 9/29: Part Four: Chapters 43-48
  • 10/6: Part Five: Seth, Chapters 49-59


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