Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Hello. Nice to see you again. I apologize for being MIA. I've been dealing with quite a few personal issues and on top of that it seems that my laptop didn't want to live and assist me any longer.

That's correct. Something like this is what I'm dealing with. :/

                                                                               This is how I feel..

Several times I've wanted to smash it in itty bitty pieces or blow it up to the point it's no longer recognizable.. 

Maybe using this..

Or this..

However, until I can think clearly and make a rational decision about my computer problem, I am currently working with this.. 


So, as I'm sure you can imagine it is a major pain in the ass to do blog posts -- especially without all of my documents. Please forgive me and be prepared to use lots of patience with me during this time. 

Thank you very much. You guys simply rock my socks!