Yay! ME!

 Okay.. So, I read a lot.

 Like an insane amount of books! I have found an escape in the stories that I have collected and like to go there as much as possible. 

My dream is to build a library in my home. I am working on that, slowly but it is happening right before my eyes.
I don’t watch t.v. well, occasionally I watch a show with my daughter. I can honestly say that is the only thing that I watch. EVER.
Music is my passion. Yeah, one might say it’s ona intimate level. So what? I feel sorry for you if you don’t got it like that too. That is one thing that will always stay with you (you know.. upstairs & in the ticker.) & you can take it anywhere in the world and nobody can take it away. NOBODY.

"Amy Del Rosso's love of reading is well documented if you Google search her name, or more importantly her book blog, known as Lady Reader's Bookstuff. Her passion to begin posting book reviews started only a few short years ago, and has since garnered the attention of NY Times Best Selling Author's and Big-6 publishers alike, with her successful blog tours and book promotion capabilities. Amy's desire to support important causes, such as supporting non-profit organizations, brought her to create the first ever Author & Blogger Anti-Bullying Awareness Campaign, which will continue every year to bring author's, blogger's, and reader's together to build awareness, share their stories & their love of reading. Amy currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her daughter."

Okay. I'm out. Peace. and Happy Reading.--Amy or Lady Reader or Hey Lady!