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"As a debut author, book publicity--especially in the digital space--seemed completely mysterious to me, but Amy Del Rosso made it an easy, turnkey experience. After asking me to answer ~30 questions and complete six blog posts, she generated all kinds of buzz around the launch of my book through a digital campaign that included reviews, artwork (gorgeous banners, badges, etc.), contests, playlist, and prizes. In fact, one of my blog posts was re-tweeted at least 50 times! She has a wonderful collaborative spirit coupled with a rare combination of digital publicity savvy and a passion for books that paid off tremendously for my launch. I was thrilled with her work, and look forward to working with her again on my next project. S. Chris Shirley, Author of  PLAYING BY THE BOOK
"I was so impressed with Amy’s efforts, skill, and caring in pulling together the anti-bullying campaign this October. I love her spark, follow-through, and ability to make it all happen. “–Gae Polisner, Author of THE PULL OF GRAVITY
"The day my novel hit the shelves, social media was buzzing with talk of my book. Amy had delivered in a huge way. And with very little effort on my part, my sophomore novel was on its way. Amy’s enthusiasm for supporting authors and serving the needs of her readers is unparalleled. She makes the whole process of bringing out a new novel fun and exciting and so easy. I plan to make her part of my team for every new release. And you should too!” –J.H. Trumble, Author of DON’T LET ME GO & WHERE YOU ARE
"If you’re looking to have a blog tour organized by someone who is professional, enthusiastic, creative, and kind, then Amy Del Rosso is that person. For a very reasonable fee, she organized a release day tour, seven-day blog tour, and Street Team handouts for my second novel, EMPTY, and things were buzzing! Countless tweets, tons of new followers, and most importantly, new readers. I can’t thank her enough for the experience!" –K.M. Walton, Author of CRACKED and EMPTY
"Amy does a great job of organizing and coordinating, not to mention getting the word out there. She is also incredibly friendly to work with!" –Terra Elan McVoy, Author of BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS & CRIMINAL
 "I have worked with Amy at Lady Reader’s Bookstuff on my last two blog tours. She is one of the few book bloggers that has great attention to detail, is an excellent communicator and is extremely organized. During both tours, Amy was one of the first bloggers to check-in as well as provide one of the highest points of social media coverage. Most of all, Amy is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again on my future books." –Becky Banks, Author of THE LEGEND OF LADY MACLAOCH and FORGED  
“I worked with Amy Del Rosso for National Bullying Prevention Month. From the moment she asked me to participate in her wonderful presentation on bullying to the day the content went up, it was great working with Amy. She is organized, a great promoter, and easy to work with. I enjoyed the experience and know that Amy will be successful in all future endeavors.” –L.B. Schulman, Author of LEAGUE OF STRAYS
“I don’t even know how or where to start to begin to express my for all the work Amy Del Rosso of Lady Reader’s Bookstuff has done for my debut novel. Through Amy’s hard work, dedication to her job and her expansive reach she help be surpass my fantasy goal of how any books I wanted to see sold my first week. She helped my book rank #13 in its category the first week and was somewhere around 10,000 in overall paid Kindle books.

She is a fabulous sounding board and willing to work with me in trying to think outside the box or bring me back down to the ground to stay focused. She is an asset and one member of my team that will never change. She does what she says she will do and then goes above and beyond!

I may have written a book that people are enjoying, but if it wasn’t for Amy it may not have made it into their hands.

There are not enough words in the English language to praise her enough.”

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