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Monday, December 2, 2013

TOUR - The Beacon - What is real? by A.B. Shepherd

Shipwrecked on an isolated island...

How far would you go to help a new friend?

Would you kill someone?

How do you know what is and isn't real?

When The Beacon beckons safe harbour isn't guaranteed.

What is real? 

by A.B. Shepherd
Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between reality and dreams? Do you ever wonder if you experience hallucinations? Do you believe in ghosts and/or time travel? 

In 2012 NBC aired a television series called Awake, in which the main character lives two separate lives - one in which his wife has been killed - and the other in which his son was killed. He is never sure which one is real. The concept is intriguing, don’t you think? 

Although I never watched the show I was fascinated by the idea of it and it left me pondering how we know whether what we are experiencing is real or imaginary. 

I have very vivid dreams when I sleep. Many times it seems as if I am watching a movie, yet I am a participant. Often, while I am a participant, I am not “me”. Do you ever have dreams like that? 

When you dream at night, do you know you are dreaming? Can you tell it is a dream even when you are in it? Do you ever pinch yourself to see if you are awake? How deeply involved can you get in your own fantasies? Can you get lost in them? 

In my new novella, The Beacon, I’ve explored some of these issues. Our heroine has been shipwrecked and leads two concurrent lives - one where she is alone stranded on this isolated island - and one where she is surrounded by a loving family that is plagued by domestic violence. 

Is she alone or not? Is she seeing ghosts or time travelling? Has she lost her mind? 

I obviously found this a very interesting concept and I’m leaving it up to you, the reader, to decide. The Beacon is a psychological thriller/suspense novella and is available now on Amazon. I hope you will check it out. 

Are you as intrigued as I am by this idea?

"Never stop dreaming or reading." - A.B. Shepherd
A.B. Shepherd grew up in Lansing, Michigan, but moved to Australia in 2009. She now lives in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia, with her husband and their imaginary friends. She can usually be found seaside at Port MacDonnell, or lost in a fantasy world.Lifeboat is her debut novel.
Her second book, is a novella titled The Beacon.
A.B. loves to hear from readers. Feel free to email her at with your thoughts regarding her books, or anything else that takes your fancy.

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  1. Amy thank you so much for hosting this stop on The Beacon tour and allowing me to talk to your readers about what is real.

  2. Its an awesome read and a really fascinating idea for sure

  3. Jess you are such a sweetie. Thank you.