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Friday, October 31, 2014

Morganville: The Series @MV_The_Series @RachelCaine

Morganville: The Series Revitalizes Vampire Genre Just in Time for Halloween

Rachel Caine’s Snarky Vampires Perfect for Geek & Sundry’s October Line-up.

Even though web series are seen as non-traditional formats, the casting process and scouting for film locations remains normal. Auditions were held in Dallas, LA, Austin, New Orleans and some digital (to give fans of the books a chance at the spotlight too).

Rachel wrote all the character monologues for the auditions. The entire show ended up being filmed on location in Dallas, Texas in four separate venues, including a coffee shop, a turn-of-last-century Victorian home, a hospital, and a university. Nearly every episode ends with Rachel’s infamous cliffhanger endings.

Switching from book to film writing was easier than Rachel expected. The very first thing she did, ended up setting the stage for the adaptation process and made it easier for her to focus on the story she wished to tell.

Rachel says, “The first thing I tried to do, since I wrote the book in 2006, was to write down everything I remembered from it without re-reading it. That was fascinating, because what I wrote down was really the core story, and that turned out to be what needed to be told in the show. So while I did go back to the book, I did it for the purposes of review, not inspiration.”

If you loved Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vamps in their book form; she is really hoping you love how Morganville: The Series captures the spirit and heart of her vampires in a whole new way. 

She cannot be more pleased with the results and wants especially the Kickstarter fans to know it wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity and faith in the project. 

And could not be more thrilled that Geek & Sundry believed in the project enough to match your giving and hosting Morganville: The Series on their awesome YouTube channel.

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Rachel Caine is a fictional character herself … a pen name of writer Roxanne Conrad. 
Since 2003, Rachel has written in the adult Urban Fantasy genre (The Weather Warden, Outcast Season, Revivalist and Red Letter Days series) as well as in Young Adult fiction (the Morganville Vampires series and award-winning novel Prince of Shadows).
She is the author of more than forty novels and many short stories, and is regularly featured in anthology collections; most recently the Charlaine Harris edited Dead But Not Forgotten.

Episode 1 -- Glass House 

Episode 2 -- Bite Me

Episode 3 -- Sucks to Be You

Episode 4 -- High on Life

Episode 5 -- Burn

Episode 6 -- Owned 

Morganville Cast:

Behind the scenes Photographer: Julio C├ęsar Cedillo

Photo credit: Tez Greenwood and was taken at MCM London Comic Con. Ben Easter (Michael), Shane (Jordan Farris), Claire (Lindsay Seidel), Rachel Caine, Oliver (Robert Picardo), and Amelie (Amber Benson) all pose for fans.

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