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Friday, November 20, 2015

EPIC GIVEAWAY!!! 10 SIGNED Books + MORE!!! @Creativeindie

  If you are a book lover you NEED to enter this giveaway!! We are talking 10 SIGNED books, a $200 Amazon gift card and.... A vintage typewriter!! OMG, you need to see it because it's all kinds of beautiful.  The books...  Well, check out the graphic below to see some of the amazing signed books that are up for grabs:

(click on either of the images to enter or the link at the bottom of the post)

  One of the best parts is that it's so simple to enter!! You need to answer a multiple choice question (which you can answer if you have read, seen or ever heard of Twilight), enter your email address and BAM you have entered and have a chance to win this EPIC GIVEAWAY!

Basically (from an email I recieved):
You can share on Twitter, Facebook, add it to your blog or Tumblr, or share on Instagram and put the link in your profile. You can also share it in any forums, reading groups, or places where other YA readers hang out.

So enter and share away guys!!! I wish you all the best of luck and...
  And may the odds be ever in your favor!!

You can enter HERE

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