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Sunday, December 2, 2012



Fiction Fervor’s YA Story Scavenger Hunt, held every year in December, is a scavenger hunt with trivia questions from MG and YA books published that year.

Objective: Answer as many questions from young adult books released in 2012 as possible.

Incentive: You will be entered into a giveaway. If you are one of the top scavenger hunters or are chosen randomly, you win a prize! (More details on that later in the month.)

How It Works

On each day of December, Fiction Fervor posts two clues–one for each book. Your job is to figure out which books the clues refer to! Then take a look at the blog list with their assigned books and go to the blog that has the trivia question for the book the clue’s about. Answer the question in your level (either easy, medium, or hard) on a form that will be attached to the post on each blog.

After the 31 days of December, the hunt will be open for one more week before closing. Then we’ll have the giveaway! Each contestant has one entry for entering the hunt and an additional entry for each correct answer to the trivia questions. On January 8, we’ll use to choose the grand prize winner of the hunt. The entrant with the most correct answers in each level will also win a prize.

Questions? Comments? Email

Rules & Guidelines

1. You may win the prize for only one level–the level you rank the highest in comparison to other hunters. 

2. You may not discuss the answers to the clues or the questions. 

3. You may not send idiotic answers or answers that are obviously wrong. 

4. Any violations of these rules will result in disqualification from the hunt and the giveaway.
2012 YASSH Information

For updates, follow Fiction Fervor’s Facebook Page or Twitter or use the hashtag: #2012YASSH. Official Book List - Here.

2012 YA Story Scavenger Hunt Stops

  • December 17th - Lady Reader's Bookstuff (here) 
  • December 31st - Lady Reader's Bookstuff (here) 

Happy Hunting!

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