Saturday, April 7, 2012

April A to Z Challenge Letter "G" = Germany #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

Welcome to day seven of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.
Today's letter is "G" and my topic is = Germany.

 My friend Patricia who runs/owns the blog; BookExhibitionism is from and lives in Germany and she's going to tell us a little about it.

Hey everyone!

My name is Patricia and I'm the blogger behind BookExhibitionism. Don't ask about the name. I still think I was drunk when I chose it. ; ) 

Last month Amy asked me if I wanted guest-post something here for the April A to Z Challenge. What a hard decision! Hahah. Then she said that the post should be about Germany, because she was doing a few themed posts and Germany starts with a G. Oh, and I'm from Germany.

I thought about this post a lot. I wondered if I should write something about German stereotypes and cliches (I love almost all of them) or about how Sauerkraut is not our favorite food, even though I ate only that for one whole week to win a bet*, or about how hard it is to find good books here.
Todesfluch (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5.2)

It's not that we don't have great authors - We have. Or that our translations suck - They just aren't the original*. But Germany is rather small in comparison to the USA, which means that there are fewer people who'll buy your books. 

Additionally our books are more expensive. 

The publisher "Piper" for example makes us pay 23 USD for the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels. And those are paperbacks.

Godspeed - Die Reise beginnt

But the more I thought about all of it, the more I realized that I don't want to talk about these things. It isn't that there is nothing remarkable about Germany, it's just that I have no idea what's interesting or not.

Maybe the fact that there are few people who admit they are proud of being German. I suppose that's not a surprise after Hitler, but it still saddens me.

The publisher "Dressler" actually cut the Hitler scene from Across The Universe in our copy. Apparently we Germans are too stupid to understand that Elder's assumption that Hitler was a good leader was.. wrong.

So, instead, I'd like you to tell me the best, funniest, worst, whatever, German cliches you know of!

I can't do an exclusive Giveaway, but everyone who leaves a comment here enters my AprilGiveaway over at BookExhibitionism
You can either win one of the books below or a copy of either Ruby Red or ArcadiaAwakens
In case you didn't know: Kerstin Gier and Kai Meyer are German authors. ; )

* I'm horrible when it comes to bets. I don't think there was ever one I accepted and lost.. Not OCDish at all. Har.

* I hated Patricia Briggs' Alpha and Omega books when I read them in German and loved them when I read them in English this year.

Okay, so that was totally awesome. 

Thank you so much, Patricia. You rocked my socks off!

Please remember to leave comments and questions for Patricia and you can find her at any of the links below.