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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April A to Z Challenge Letter "J" #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

Welcome to day ten of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.
Today's letter is "J" and my topic is = "J" Music Artists.
I am going to give you a little information on my favorite music artists that begin with the letter "J". Enjoy!

He was born Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942, in SeattleWashington, the first of five children to James Allen "Al" Hendrix (10 June 1919, VancouverBritish Columbia – 17 April 2002, (Renton, Washington) and Lucille Jeter (12 October 1925, Seattle, Washington – 2 February 1958, Renton, Washington).

Janis Lyn Joplin was born in Port Arthur, Texas, on January 19, 1943(1943-01-19), to Dorothy (née East) Joplin (1913–1998), a registrar at a business college, and her husband, Seth Joplin (1910–1987), an engineer at Texaco. She had two younger siblings, Michael and Laura. The family attended the Church of Christ.The Joplins felt that Janis always needed more attention than their other children, with her mother stating, "She was unhappy and unsatisfied without [receiving a lot of attention]. The normal rapport wasn't adequate." Janis died October 4, 1970 (aged 27) in  Los Angeles, California, United States. 

Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) was an American musician best known for his lead guitar work, singing and songwriting with the band the Grateful Dead. Though he disavowed the role, Garcia was viewed by many as the leader or "spokesman" of the group.

James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist. He is the originator of funk music and is a major figure of 20th century popular music and dance. Brown died on Christmas Day 2006 from heart failure after becoming ill on December 23 and being hospitalized for hours. James Brown is buried in Beech Island, South Carolina.

* * *
I would love for you to tell me some of your favorites.
Thanks so much for taking the time for visiting!


  1. I love Janis especially. What a talent. Loved this post!

  2. All the coolest people are named J. Except for the ones named A and M.

  3. Hi, popping in from the A-Z (I saw you on Twitter!). I too love Janis, she (like Jimi Hendrix) died so young. Such a waste.

  4. loved janis---keeping with the j's and they are truly my favorites anyway--james taylor--john denver and john lennon--just a few :)

  5. James Taylor and today I have a link to a Janis Ian song on my blog.

  6. I love James Taylor, John Lennon and how could I forgotten to put up the Lizard King himself? Jim Morrison!

  7. How about John Travolta? (I went to a singalong screening of "Grease" last night, so he's been on my mind.) I'm a huge Joplin fan, as well as John Lennon and James Taylor.

    Fun blog. I found you on Twit. Just hoppin' by!

    1. Thanks! I imagine the "Grease" singalong was a blast! My daughter and I watch that movie every now and then. Way fun! :)