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Friday, April 20, 2012

April A to Z Challenge Letter "R" = Rhymes #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

Welcome to day eighteen of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.
Today's letter is "R" and my topic is = RHYMES. 

Flour of England, fruit of Spain,
Met together in a shower of rain;
Put in a bag tied round with a string;
If you'll tell me this riddle,
I'll give you a ring.

Daffy-down-dilly has come to town
In a yellow petticoat and a green gown.

Lucy Locket lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it;
Nothing in it, nothing in it,
But the binding round it.

Rain, rain, go to Spain,
And never come back again.

Little Nanny Etticoat
In a white petticoat,
And a red nose;
The longer she stands
The shorter she grows.

Needles and pins, needles and pins,
When a man marries his trouble begins.

What are some of your favorite rhymes?


  1. peter peter pumpkin eater, had a wife and couldn't keep her...hmm, can't remember the rest!

  2. lovely! Mine is in Italian, so I guess it wouldn't make much sense to you. It is actually pretty non-sense even in Italian!

  3. Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean. And so between the two of them, they licked the platter clean.

    I had a book with hundreds of these when I was little, just lately my mum dug it out and gave it to me to share with my 3-year-old. She loves it! Stopping by from the Challenge, nice to meet you. :)

  4. I loved rhymes like these when I was a kid. I think my favorite was

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary
    How does your garden grow?
    With silver bells and cockleshells
    And pretty maidens all in a row.

    Jessica @ Simply Infatuated

  5. Great rhymes!

    Pussycat Pussycat poem

    "Pussycat pussycat, where have you been?"
    "I've been up to London to visit the Queen."
    "Pussycat pussycat, what did you there?"
    "I frightened a little mouse under her chair"

  6. I love all of these! I seriously had a difficult time remembering the ones that I posted. It's funny how little you remember when you don't use them on a daily basis anymore, isn't it?