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Friday, December 16, 2011

Review - Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield

Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield

A fantasy about a paranormal family on the run from the Government's ParaTroopers, who chase down, torture, and imprison paranormals. Caitlyn and her mom are all that's left of their family - Caitlyn's dad was murdered by a mob when he spoke out for paranormal rights, and during the commotion a woman kidnapped Caitlyn's brother Daniel, who hasn't been heard from since. Caitlyn, a teen girl, and her mom must move often to avoid detection. However, she enrolls in high school and hides in plain sight in a seedy motel, hoping for a sense of normalcy. This doesn't last long, as paras begin to be murdered by the Para Reaper. Anti-para classmates make accusations against classmates that cost them their freedom and their lives. On top of this, Caitlyn falls for Alex, a boy who is normal, but pro-para. However, it is dangerous for her to get close to him. While at school, Caitlyn finds Daniel, but he's not the person she's known - he's now a powerful para secretly working for the government. The two connect until she finds out his secret, and the two clash in a power struggle to save lives.

Here is a phenomenal look at the trailer for HUNTED:

My Thoughts:

Whoa! Yeah, at first that's all I could think. I needed some time to let it sink in. Cheryl has a powerful way of getting a message across in her stories and HUNTED was no exception.

HUNTED is a story totally unlike the others out there. So, it was refreshing to read. It is a story about a family on the run. A mother and daughter being the family because the father was murdered and son abducted at a young age.

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