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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update. Where she's been.


Hi guys! 
I know it's been awhile and I apologize about that. I'm writing to update y'all about what's been going on in my life. (Yeah, I know. Boring!) 
So, some of you know that I've had some medical issues that I've been trying to get figured out. Well, they're still not quite figured out. And, they're still causing problems and becoming more dangerous. So, my doctors think that it is in my best interest to take so much needed time and rest. Well, what does that mean exactly? It means: working from home (but only part-time) no (or very little) blogging and little reading as well. I'm going Crazy! As little stimulation/stress as possible = little or no seizures. That's what they are hoping for.          
So, I will be taking some time off during the holidays, stopping in to post things here and there. If I have previously made arrangements to review a book, post a giveaway, etc. I still plan on doing so unless I have contacted you to make further arrangements. 
Thank you all for your patience and understanding of my absence. I miss you all!



  1. You can't even read? My god. That's like hell.

  2. I can read Matt. Just not a book a day. That's why I worded it "little reading" - the whole experiment is to hopefully reduce stress, keep me from having seizures and in a short time (hopefully) they will have all the answers from the tests they've done and are doing and I can move forward.

    Yes, this is my hell.

  3. Oh I had hoped things would be getting better. Take all the time you need and I hope it resolves itself in a positive way. So sorry that things haven't figured out.

    And sooo sorry you're going crazy. It must be awful not being able to read and just get your mind off things!

    Have a great - and relaxing - holiday! We'll still be here in the new year!

  4. Take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing. You have a community of followers who will be wishing you well.

  5. Amy-
    I'm so sorry you are still not doing well. I've had my hands full here. Youngest not well at all. I'll try to call you this week if you can talk. Audio book? Movies? Hope you can find something to keep you occupied.


  6. Thank you all very much for you comments and support - I appreciate all of it very much!


  7. Amy,

    You know I'm praying that you get better girlie.