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Thursday, January 24, 2013

In contrary wise, what it is it wouldn't be and what it wouldn't be it would.. you see?

I would like to share with you, the recent events that happened in my own words. Before I begin, I only ask you to read and take what I say with an open mind. I’ve been trying to write this for days and everything I put down feels wrong. A simple mistake has led to far more than I ever could have imagined.

With that being said, I ask that my words not be misconstrued or taken out of context. I do not want these words to be criticized on social networks. I am well aware of all the “talk” that has been going on concerning this. Even if my name was never mentioned, we are not dumb to the fact that I screwed up. For this, I apologize, to everyone. I hurt people’s feelings by such a petty act of ignorance.

Now, my story:

I received the most precious gift from a friend. She wanted to gift me a lovely new design for my blog. And that is exactly what I received.

One evening while I was trying to prepare a blog post I realized that I didn’t have all of the font graphics that I needed to complete the post. My designer was incredibly busy, so I decided that while I wait, I could see what was available at Google Images for me to use in the meantime.

After a very short time of searching I found the word graphics I was looking for and all in the same font. Yay! I thought. This would be perfect until the others arrived. After finding the fonts, I then searched for block-quotes. There were hundreds and hundreds of them so I chose maybe four or five and decided I would then put them into a draft and practice working with them. Once I had it looking good, I did a quick copy and paste into the post I had made.

Approximately two weeks go by and I received a very concerned email from my designer. (This was on Jan. 22nd). Apparently, someone went to her and was claiming that the images that were in my blog post belonged to someone else and they wanted them taken out. The message that was sent was brief and not very detailed, which left me confused but still I did as she asked and removed the "said stolen" images. After doing so, I assumed the craziness was over. Welp, I was so very wrong. The supposed owner of the graphics in question was now accusing me of replacing the first "stolen" image with ANOTHER stolen image.

I found it best to pull my blog until I could get it all taken care of and fixed, and approved by the other party involved. My intentions were only to make my blog post look better. My actions were done out of lack of knowledge. I sincerely apologize to the blogger that these were taken from and I did remove all images as soon as I was notified.

This has stirred up so much hate and animosity towards me. If someone would have contacted me from the very beginning and asked me to take them down, I gladly would have. I’m left extremely embarrassed and didn’t mean to hurt the owner in any way.

I go to Google Images often, just like so many others do. Until this matter arose I had no idea that using those images were not legal. I also would like to stress again that if the owner of the graphics would've just asked me to take them down in the very beginning of this mess, I certainly would have. Nonetheless, the outcome has already been decided. I am basically being judged and given a guilty verdict without my story even being heard. Also, due to the mega drama and negativity surrounding me and the situation the blog tour involved in the mentioned post has been canceled.

I'm just hoping people will understand that I'm not this crazy, malicious person. Bottom line, under rules of copyright or trademark usage, she should have given me notice to cease and desist - if she wanted to be legal about it. Instead she is making me look like an evil, vicious individual that has no respect for others.

I fixed the issue in question as soon as it was brought to my attention, yet I am still getting tons of backlash and being like I've done nothing to rectify the situation. (Yes, even if my name is not mentioned in the owners post about me). The talk isn't just about the issue at hand, but me as a person, my credibility, my intentions, and what I represent as a whole. I really don't understand why I am still being harassed when I've corrected my mistake as soon as I learned of it. There is nothing else that I could possibly do.

I have shared my story with you, from my point of view. Now, I ask that you please take everything into consideration before judging me too harshly.

My apologies,


  1. Lately I keep reading more and more about people getting in trouble for images. It makes me terrified to post anything on my blog from the internet. I am sorry this happened to you.. it did sound like your were the villain in the other posts so I am glad that I read this.

  2. I think you're a great person and I am so glad your side of the story is out. Now everyone can see. Much love doll! <3

  3. aw, love to you, amy. I actually purchased a license to use an image in all my TPoG marketing materials -- the little troll on the early buttons -- from a reputable image site and then received a letter/phone call that the image was illegal. I showed them my purchase receipts (I paid a pretty penny for them from a site that book cover designers in the big houses regularly use) and they said, well, okay, we get it wasnt you, but THEY didn't have the right to have or sell you this image. It is sometimes hard to tell what is right and what is wrong. Let's hope we are all forgiven if an innocent mistake is made and rectified upon notification. xoxoxo

  4. ALl of the drama lately is really sad. I do understand both sides of the story. I don't think that you intentionally stole any images. I am sorry for everyone involved in this. All of the blogger drama going on recently has me wondering why I even do this. It's supposed to be fun, but one week I am being plagiarized along with other blogger friends, then situations like this happen and I get both sides of it really. I know how it feels to be on the other side so I know how upsetting that can be, but I can also see that you didn't do this on purpose too. I am glad that you posted so people could hear your thoughts about the situation too. This is all I am going to say on this since I am friends with both affected sides.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I thought we all read, reviewed and blogged for fun? I don't think you did whatever it was on purpose. Many times my daughter has changed items or themes on my blog, only for someone else to use very similar images, themes & colours on their blog, so what?
    This is why I stay away from most Memes so I don't offend anyone by using anything I shouldn't. My daughter and I try to make our own versions up.
    I thought the whole book reading and reviewing and blogging was a friendly community and I love doing it as a hobby. It's something that fits around my health issues and my caring duties for my mum etc, when it starts getting out of hand like this it seems sad and crazy....I truly don't know what to say....I hope you continue blogging and please believe that not everyone will judge you so harshly. x

  6. There's always someone with a nasty attitude out there. Sometimes, you have to just say to yourself that they have problems and refuse to carry the burden of their accusations. If you've done everything you can to make it right, then you learn your lesson, do better next time, and move on.

    Love you and your blog!

  7. You know, I know very little about images/rights/etc, which is not a good thing. I also know that I personally have probably, unintentionally, violated someone else's copyrighted images. So I can't sit here and judge anyone else.

    What I do know is that this situation got way out of hand. And I hope that things can settle down soon.

  8. Like Amy said above in her comment, all the recent drama is very disheartening and depressing, and it definitely does not motivate one to keep on going and investing time and energy into this community. Which is extremely sad, as I grew to love this community so much. I don't recall things being as bad when I first started blogging, but then again, maybe it was just the blissful ignorance of a newbie blogger more than anything else. some really bad things happen during the past year, we've seen people getting hurt, accusations thrown around, people then leaving the blogging community, authors burned, damage done. And I'm talking about some really serious cases, like the one involving the infamous Carroll Bryant (or whatever his real name is), The Story Siren, Wendy, authors behaving badly, bloggers following suit, and tons of other stuff. All that made our community fragile and wary. It's hard to trust anyone these days, people who were looked up to and admired proved to be not worthy of people's trust (or maybe they just proved to be human, depends how you choose to look at it). And that is, in my opinion, why every small case like that (and I say small because it isn't as serious as stealing someone else's review or going around publicly lashing out at people) is being carefully examined and spotlighted, maybe more than it deserves. Sometimes a mistake is just a mistake, but I don't live in either your or Rachel's head, I will never know with 100% of certainty what truly happened. What I know is: you are both people who I grew very fond of. We don't know each other all that well, Amy, but I enjoyed talking to you and wished you success with your new business endeavour. In the same way, I admire and look up to Rachel, for she is a fabulous reviewer and just an all-around likeable, sensible and intelligent person. And I am seriously dumbfounded by all that went down. I don't even care about being dragged into the whole thing, I really don't, as I know that I didn't do anything wrong here, but the whole situation hurts me nevertheless - I'm sure not as much as it hurts both of you, but still. For what it's worth, I don't think either one of you wanted this to escalate to this point. And I don't believe either one of you had malicious intentions towards the other. I choose to believe that whatever happened, happened because of a big mistake.

    I'm glad you got a chance to present your side of the story. I hope you'll be able to move past this - both of you. I really wish you both all the best.

  9. Amy
    I'm glad you were able to post your side of the story. you know if you ever need anything to txt me. you've always been there for me.

  10. Amy,
    I am so sorry this has happened to you. This is why I have stopped using images on my blog. An older blogger sent me an e-mail telling about a law suit she was involved in and I pulled all images off. So if the author does not give it to me I don't do it. It stinks because the posts look boring sometimes but people are crazy and I refuse to go through that.

    I am here for you no matter what happens. Love ya always......


  11. im so sad this has happened to you. You made an innocent mistake, took it down quickly, AND apologized. You've paid your dues. Everything else is just trolling.

  12. {{HUGZ}} I followed u here and on twitter a few days ago, not knowing you, to support you.
    Im not a big blogger and if I get 4 comments on a post Im ecstatic..lolz..
    I am scared crapless to use ANY image cuz of the nightmares ppl go through. Im sorry this happened to you and anyone else.
    I feel bad for ppl on both sides of the street. BUT you did NOT intentionally set out to deceive and steal.
    I dont weigh in publicly when "scandals" go down cuz I am just lil' ol' me.
    Like BECK said "I'm a loser babeeee" but I dont want you to kill me..ha-ha
    I have made some massive crap on my face mistakes in life and have had seriously crappy stuff happen to me.
    This isnt as fun as I thought it would be.
    I hate quitting after effort and money I invested, but I wonder...
    I think your current blog design rocks BTW.
    Take care & Im glad you have friends to lean on :)

  13. I <3 you. I'm totally gonna get you a boobie stress ball for times like this when bitches stress you out. You'll feel loads better. Love you Sex Wax :)