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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cover Reveal: FULL THROTTLE by Chelsea Camaron

I wake up to an empty space beside me.  Jake never came back to bed last night.  We always sleep together, even with his nightmares, or when we are fighting.  After all the time spent apart with the deployments, we treasure the little things more, like being wrapped up in one another.  What is going on with him that he didn’t want to sleep beside me?

          I shower and dress for my day, trying to tame my irritation.  I descend our stairs, reaching the bottom; I stop and stare.  Jake is asleep sitting up on the couch, empty beer bottle still in his hand.  This gorgeous man is snoozing away in his boxer briefs.  Watching him breathe in such a relaxed state, I take in the man before me.

          Jake is built lean like a swimmer.  When standing, he is five feet ten inches tall.  He has a trim build with broad shoulders.  He is not overly muscular but he is toned everywhere, especially in the definition of his chest and abs.  He has dusty brown hair with deep green eyes.  For me, he is a perfect fit, and the sexiest man I’ve seen.

          As I take in the steady up down rhythm of his chest, I am drawn to the angel tattoo.  She is moving with him with his every breath, as he inhales and exhales.  This movement pushes the words around her, causing them to practically scream out to me.  I get teary eyed remembering that specific ink experience.

          It was right before his first deployment to Iraq.  He said I have always been his angel, saving him from himself since the day we met.  The angel on his chest was designed to resemble me in her facial features.  The script seems to dance around her.
‘Watch over me, carry me, bring me always safely through to my loves waiting arms’

          Mentally, I have got to shape up.  Jake does not need me as a distraction with all that is on his plate at the garage.  Dwelling on the marriage that will never occur isn’t going to help either of us.  I am Jake’s love, as he is mine.  I wait when necessary for the next opportunity to hold him close, and always carry him in my heart.

          I see Dina with Ryder, knowing their day is coming soon.  The desire for that level of commitment is evident in the way they look at each other.  Maggie has made it more than clear to Brayden (and everyone else) that she expects a proposal sooner rather than later.  Both of these couples are so in love and on the path to wedded bliss.

          Jake and I are still head over heels in love with each other.  Despite all the years together, I continue to get butterflies when I see him.  The honeymoon phase has never ended for us.

          Seeing our friends so happy and in love is wonderful.  I truly am overjoyed for them.  This whole wedding thing, where Jake and I are concerned, shouldn’t bother me so much.  Yet, it does.  What am I to do about it now?

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