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Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog Tour: FAE (Auri Wars, #2) by Emily White [Official Playlist, Schedule + Giveaway]


FAE (Auri, #2) by Emily White
Release Date: February 22, 2014
Paperback, 320 pages
Genre: YA / Fantasy / Fiction
Not all fae'ri tales come with a happy ending.

Ella thought taking care of the ego-bloated Mamood god would be a sure way to bring peace to the galaxy and satisfy her taste for revenge.

But she was wrong.

Despite the fact their god is gone, the Mamood refuse to abandon their attack on the planet Soltak and Ella's own so-called friends start to turn against her. And with Soltak dying--its oceans drying up and its plants withering in the ground--Ella and Cailen suspect there's a new enemy at work. As more people die and more water is leached from the planet, they both prepare for something straight from a nightmare.

The fae are coming.
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Emily White is a nerd. 

She prefers her men fully clothed and donning bow-ties, her commas British, her books cheesy with big, overly-dramatic explosions, her characters awkward and endearingly real,* and watching her movies in authentic turn-of-the-century theaters. When not exposing her nerdy self to the world, she's creating her own friends and putting them in horrible, yet sometimes humorous situations.

Check out her YA Space Opera series starting with Elemental (Spencer Hill Press, 2012), continuing with FAE (February 2014), and ending sometime in the near future with a book she has yet to write. She's also authored a collection of Steampunk (zombie, werebot romance) flash fiction, if you're into those kinds of things, titled "To Love or Die in a Steamy-Reamy World."

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  1. I loved loved loved Elemental!!!!!

  2. *dances* That's some good music right there! :)

    And, Toni, yay!!! Just made my day. :)

  3. love fairy tale : cinderella, beauty and the beast, tinkerbell, etc

  4. My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid!! Thanks for the giveaway!! :)