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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: FLOAT by Roni O'Connell

By Roni O'Connell
Release Date: November 12, 2013
Paperback, 258 pages
Genre: Contemporary Fiction / YA

What if your only memory is of who you aren't, not who you are?

Seventeen-year-old Rashelle Santos fights her way out of a coma to find she doesn't remember her life, except for her parents and dog. Brain damage doctors tell her, but Rashelle knows with absolute certainty that Shellie (her nickname) died at the bottom of Kaweah Lake, bequeathing her death memories to Rashelle.

Rashelle leaps into a relationship with Shellie's boyfriend, Aiden Brody, because he stirs her feelings and fills the void within her. As their relationship becomes serious, she questions whom he really loves.

When threats appear in the form of notes stuffed into her locker and calls in the night, Rashelle wonders if she can stay alive long enough to discover who wants her dead, because somewhere out there Shellie's attacker watches and waits to finish what he started.

And what the hell, she wonders, is she deranged or could dead Shellie be lingering to keep her alive?

I read this book in less than a day. The author took me on a path that I didn't need to rest on. My attention was grabbed and we were off. I loved the story-line and how detailed everything was. I could imagine myself there; sitting in the room and watching everything unfold just as it was in the pages.

I could not wait to see how it worked out, so I didn't. Wait, that is. I let myself fall completely and utterly into the story and immersed myself into Rashelle’s world and did not climb out until the very end. At that point I felt so many emotions. Disbelief, shock, surprised, shocked and then the “Ahaa” moment clicked.

O’Connell definitely keeps you guessing and second guessing yourself. She takes you on a roller coaster ride with your emotions.

I have already been suggesting this book to all of my friends and anyone else that might listen to me. My only hope is that other readers enjoy it as much as I did.

Guest Review by: Karin Baker

Roni O’Connell lives with her husband and two dogs high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She finds inspiration in the forest, wildlife, and lakes around her home.

A former English teacher, Roni enjoys the company of young adults, their spirited opinions, great enthusiasm, and outrageous humor.

When Roni isn't writing novels, you can find her hiking in the forest or contemplating the wonders of nature.

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  1. I love the types of books that you just can't put down! Thanks for the review.