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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chameleon's Spell by Roni O'Connell [Book review, & Giveaway]

By Roni O'Connell
Release Date: May 28, 2014
Paperback, 282 pages
Genre: Contemporary Fiction / YA
She’d known it was coming—it always had to be dealt with, sooner or later. The effect Chameleon blood produced on the majority of humans was akin to taking aphrodisiacs or psychedelic drugs and all but the strongest minds succumbed.
Juliet Marchant has a secret—one that makes her hide from the world, until the day her friend, a shifter wolf, is slaughtered on her land for his brilliant pelt.
If Juliet is to fulfill her destiny, she must take her place in the world, unlock her Immortal powers, and face her dangerous attraction the human Commander of Spectral Command.
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Enough, she thought, and Juliet vowed by her heart's blood to join in the fight to stop the slaughter of her kin, those immortals she had never met. She did not yet know what she could do. But I learn fast, she spoke to the remains, peace in your travels friend.
Juliet is a chameleon who is barely eighteen years old. She has had to grow up way too fast because her mom left and her dad just didn't know how to deal with an immortal like her. Juliet captivates with her beauty, she can make men fall at their feet pledging their undying devotion to her. However, Juliet doesn't want all this. All she wants to be able to be "normal" She wants what every girl wants, a great man that accepts her for who she is. 

I feel very lucky to be among the first to read this treasure. I find this book to be part fantasy and part paranormal which for me is a great mix of all the things I love in a book. This story grabbed me right away. While the author does do a bit of over explaining in some parts of the book, once I got through it, I realized that there is a lot of explaining to do. The plot is simple but the actions and characters through out the book change scenes and the reader would not grasp the twist in the plot without explanation. 
Of course, immortals came in all kinds and had all sorts of talents, great and small, from making flowers bloom or speaking backwards (seriously, what good did that do?) to moving mountains and destroying whole human cities in waves of flames.

 It is hard for me to explain this book without giving some of the major plot points away. Lets just say there is constant action, constant distress and constant adventure. Juliet is always getting herself in more and more danger but she is such a character! She doesn't back down or back out of a fight. She is strong but yet vulnerable. She is likeable but yet a bit frustrating at times. This was a completely original idea for a book. I have never read something quite like this and with all the other books out there, that is a great complement. 

I would suggest you pick up a copy of this and fall in love with Juliet and all the other immortals in this wonderfully told tale.


Roni O’Connell lives with her husband and two dogs high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She finds inspiration in the forest, wildlife, and lakes around her home.
A former English teacher, Roni enjoys the company of young adults, their spirited opinions, great enthusiasm, and outrageous humor. When Roni isn't writing novels, you can find her hiking in the forest or contemplating the wonders of nature.
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