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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Re-Release Blast: CHOSEN ONE by Stephen Sutherland [Giveaway] @ChosenOneSSUTH

Be amazed and see with your own eyes…

 Sir Stephen along with lifelong friend Sir Brent take off on a dream adventure to find the promise land and to live significant moments. The journey begins to tear their hearts and hopes as they begin to contemplate retreating. They encounter a vision, Kelcey, whose gifts reveal the possibilities and promise to arrive at the land they always dreamed of. She captures their hearts and minds and is in accord with her mates. They unite in search of this land following the light and The One, the giver of every breath they receive. The three pledged friends meet their greatest enemy – darkness - which presides in their own mind, hearts and desires. They encounter darkness beyond their beings with darkness allies-soul-mates in wrath that slashes at their significant moments to own, conspire and possess forever.

 Can their hearts desire lead them to where they want to go, or does it already? Will they discover if they are a
Chosen One or not? You will climb the highest mountains and weep with them in their lowest valleys. Prepare yourself today, for The Chosen One.

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Steven Sutherland has a passion for his characters. 

He loves giving them the opportunity to come to life and takes his readers away from reality for a while.

Steven is the author of Courage To Win as well. He currently resides in Chicago.

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  1. The cover for Chosen One is beautiful. The shine on the sword. Can't quite see his eyes. I want to know what is up.

  2. The cover looks pretty damn bad-ass, if I do say so myself :) It reminds me of The Green Arrow!

    Thanks for the giveaway!