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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Official Blog Tour Schedule: NO ONE CARED by Chemistry - A Verified Anti-Bully Book

Author: Chemistry
Pub. Date: September 20, 2013
Find it: Smashwords
Genre: Fiction | Drama | African
"Have you ever wondered how life's perception can change a 15 year old girl’s life growing up in a world where she was abused, bulled and unloved?" 
Zaria Taylor lived and breathed this unbearable life. A mother’s love she never knew, and a group of girls that were dead set on making her life miserable, and the man she once trusted, battered and bruised her body and soul. Zaria seen no way out of this hell; until her life secrets started to unravel; and become exposed. 
It was then that Zaria decided to no longer be a victim, but to put a stop to the abuse and the people whom had betrayed her. No one ever imagined that this small town in Alabama would be rocked off the very foundation it stood on.

Zaria Taylor now 15 years old is trying to find her place in this world after being raped at just seven years old, by a family friend.

Zaria’s life is only getting worse when she is now being bullied by the school bully, Lil Niecy.
 Just when she things could not get worse; the man that raped her has now resurfaced, and out to start back, where he finished. 

Her only friend in the world Tonika suddenly dies, and the house of cards in Zaria's life come crumbling down, and the truth, betrayal and revenge will be exposed!

“NO ONE CARED” Blog Tour Schedule

October 14th – October 18

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Chemistry is a self-published author from Alabama, and a single parent raising two teenage daughters.  
Chemistry has been writing for ten years now. She has had her writing published in Venus Divas Magazine, a popular online women magazine. Story Titled "The Daily Life Of The Other Woman". She has also recently had her story "The Big Boned Mistress" featured in "The Spirit of Big Boned Women" By Yolanda Zellous. 

Along with her writing she also is the Founder of Go Getta's Magazine; online. She has a very outspoken blog Titled "Ima Say It Anyway" where she voices her opinion and tells it like she sees it. 

 Chemistry hopes to be able to tour and talk to others about being in an abusive relationships and overcoming that situation. How writing became her way of escape. And raising kids in a single family home. 

 Chemistry is currently working on her upcoming novella "No One Cared" due to be release in September 2013.

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